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I'm Francesca Petrolo & PT Coach Mentor

A passionate kickboxer, excited about life, an animal lover, a businesswoman and a loyal friend.
Francesca is from Rome; Italy and she is your personal trainer and life coach! Sport and fitness have always been a strong point of her life. She has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, coaching and helping people overcome their physical and mental barriers preventing them from achieving their goals and discovering their own potential. She is also the owner and CEO of Fpt_brand, a sports apparel company.

Her career started when she decided to start kickboxing. When she found the right coach, that saw in her potential that she couldn’t see herself. He helped her to grow in this sport, directing her to participate in several fights, which allowed her to become more confident and mentally strong.

In 2018 she decided to move to San Diego, CA, with her dog Alaska to change her life and achieve her dreams. Since she arrived in America, she immediately started training with Muay Thai, and shortly after, she decided to fight again. After this intense training period, she injured her right knee again and had to stop fighting. “I truly believe that everything happens to us for a reason, and nothing happens by chance”, she said. So she started to study again and to dedicate a little more time to herself and in 2022 she earned the Master in Sport Management at SDUIS and she started to work for a non-profit organization as a manager.

After an accident that, cost her left foot, changed her life. Her MISSION to continue to motivate and empower people has become her life purpose. She instructed hundreds of people, impacting their life through a different lifestyle. Next on her path is to IMPACT the world by telling her story and MOTIVATING as many people as possible to live their dream life, because they can, and they can be literally whatever they want with courage and confidence.

“Since that day I never stopped believing in myself and my capacity to overcome everything life was facing me. Depression wasn't an option. I believe that I will never stop studying, learning, and discovering new skills, because all I want to do is to pass it on to others”. .

Helping people to be stronger, not only physically, but mentally and to be confident in any situation of their life is important to her.

Her Motto now is "Live without LIM(B)ITATIONS".

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Women's Self-Defense Class

Every first Friday of the Month 11am – 12:30 pm 2650 Truxtun Rr San Diego, CA

Kettlebell beach workout

Every other Sunday Mission Bay 10am to 11am
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After the consultation call Francesca will work with you based of your needs, challanges and goals you want to achieve.

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$ 500

15 Sessions

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  • 4 Virtual Training

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La vita è una mano di poker, hai cinque carte in mano, puoi farle girare, puoi bluffare o puoi arrenderti e passare. Francesca non si arrende mai.Ricordo bene quando ho cominciato ad andare in palestra. Una delle persone che mi ha lasciato il segno, pur avendola conosciuta poco, è stata Francesca Petrolo. E’ una persona determinata, una donna forte, fisicamente e mentalmente, uno di quei talenti che l’Italia esporta all’estero, in questo caso San Diego.



The answer is yes, you can.
I’m writing this article because, due to my long experience in the world of sport, especially combat sport like kickboxing and boxing, I can say and confirm that training with kettlebells is extremely important as a best performance way to achieve our goals.



The dislocation of the shoulder (when the ball pops out of the socket) is the main and most frequent injury in the sport of boxing. The dislocation of the shoulder happend more often during sparring or more specifically in overextending the jab or sloppy, loopy hooks.



Do you want to increase power, strength, speed and prevent injury? then you must start learning coiling the core and rotaional movement.

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" "She has a dynamic unbelivable she is pushing you beyond your fears. She encourage me so much and never let me behind. I feel so grateful that I had the chance to train with her and I am very excited to continue the journey with her. We can feel that she loves what she is doing as she trasmit her passion to her clients. "

Chantal A. - Paris

univerity student

" Before I met Francesca Petrolo, I was lost. She is the type of person who trains you from the heart. Francesca was patient with me, took me on as her client and made me rebuild confidence. Francesca made me sweat to the point I said, "I hate you, but I love you". Every dollar that you spend on training with her will be worth every penny. "

Sandra A. - San Diego

Office Manager

" You are amazing!!! it is beyond inspirational how you have handled this situation. I know it is probably so mush harder than you can show in your videos, but your self blief and messages of hope and strength to others has been helping me get through some stuff. So thank you. Much love to you. "

Shaun Rawform - London

Artist, Inventor

" If you are struggling with losing weight or if you are just starting out with fitness. Francesca's background in boxing, weightlifting, kettlebells, and overall fitness will open your eyes to many new workouts which will keep you engaged and motivated in fitness. "

Carlos M. - California

Office Supervisor

" Francesca mette passione in tutto quello che fa, riesce a coinvolgerti e motivarti come nessun altro sa fare! Svolgendo una vita sedentaria davanti ad una scrivania, conoscerla mi ha aiutato a buttare giù qualche kilo ma soprattutto sentirmi in forma e bene con me stessa! "

Dalila C. - Italy

Software Developer

" I honestly cannot thank you enough for all your amazing words and support, it means so much knowing that I am not alone in this Journey, thanks for letting me open up about my raw feelings. You are an absolute blessings. "

Anne W. - USA


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