2022 Master’s in business administration with specialization in Sports Management.

2022 IKFF Kettlebell teacher Level one ( Steve Cotter)

2020 Hydrocore Foundation Level one ( Maurizio Tangari)

2019 In San Francisco, Ca. Bulgarian Bag Training System Level 1 ( Mike Salemi)

2011 University Of Perugia, Italy. Degree in “Hygiene and Quality of Animal Production”

2017 I’m a second level instructor for Olympic weightlifting.

2016 Second-grade kickboxing black belt

Bulgarian Bag

FROM ROME TO SAN DIEGO passing throught San Francisco, thanks to my friend Mike Salemi. Two years ago I began my new interest in Supless Training System and so one year ago I participated in the Bulgarian Bag Course level 1 with my friend, Mike Salemi, in San Francisco.


An experience that had just been born in Italy, but that now, thanks to my friend Steve Cotter, is going ahead seriously and it is passionate me more and more. I personally met the kettlebell master, as well as the founder of IKFF, Steve Cotter, with whom a great friendship was immediately built and I started training with him every week. He believes that I could impact the world with my experience of body image, strength, and power.I’m actually training kettlebells sport with the master Steve Cotter and I obtain the IKFF certification Level 1. I’m studying in a Weck Method lab with the 2 genius David Weck and Christoper Chamberlin, where I’m learning how to use Bosu Elite, MRT movement with Clubs, Rope and Pro Pulser.

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