The answer is yes, you can.

I’m writing this article because, due to my long experience in the world of sports, especially combat sport  like kickboxing and boxing, I can say and I can confirm that training with kettlebells is extremely important as the best performing  way to achieve our goals.
During my sporting career in which I competed in both kickboxing and boxing, I was also able to approach other disciplines such as the Olympic weightlifting and kettlebell sport, which is essential for increasing performance and making things better in the ring. Practicing both in the same time allowed me to see how much better was to work with kettlebells for boxing training for 2 essential reasons: in Olympic weightlifting, although energy is produced through ballistic movements like with kettlebells, the bar can only allow bilateral movements.
The particular shape of the kettlebell gives a good weight distribution: this because the center of gravity is outside the area in which it is held.
As we all know boxing movements are not only bilateral, but unilateral and contralateral. Which movements can be achieved with kettlebells? Unilateral and contralateral (rotational).
Kettlebells, therefore, provide a specific type of training, speed in muscle contraction, acceleration and power.
Let's talk about how to properly grab the kettlebell and how to perform certain movements that will allow us to pull boxing shots effectively and powerfully.

The best way to grab the kettlebell is in the rack position: clean (as you can see from the picture), or block it over the head: snatch. This promotes the correct alignment of the wrist and the stiffness of the joint, which will allow a complete transfer of energy and or power of a punch against the opponent. During exercises like snatch and clean the kettlebell moves at high speed, this requires a dynamic hip extension performed repeatedly, this is the most important component in power generation. Clean and snatch, should always be included in boxing training. This high move speed must be stopped in rack position or over the head and in both cases the kettlebell can teach the correct time of execution of a shot to the block of the wrist.
Training with the barbell or dumbbells does not help us in this.

As I have already described above with kettlebells, they train the real typical boxing gestures, they train long kinematic chains. The kettlebell allows you to work on all energy systems at the same time. Therefore it improves the cardio-circulatory and respiratory system resulting in an extremely effective aerobic exercise, therefore useful for preparing a fighter.
In conclusion kettlebells are essential for athletes, even non-professionals or novice, as training requires a minimum investment and the ability to train in any condition and space. With the kettlebells you will find yourself "sweating" so much even when you choose exercises specifically aimed at muscle strengthening, it is as intense as complete whatever the specific purpose for which you train.


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